The House

Casa Oscar Viñales has a Ceiba in its patio, which is one of the oldest and leafiest trees in the town, which offers ample shade full of fresh air.


Casa óscar was built in 1959 and is one of the first houses that started renting rooms in Viñales, especially for tourists that love climbing. The house offers five bedrooms, each of them with their own independent terrace and breathtaking views to the nature and village of Viñales. The rooms also have wooden beds, minibar, safes, AC, permanent service of hot and cold water in the bathrooms and great lighting. Three of the bedrooms are on the first floor, whereas the other two are on the ground floor.
There is a great patio full of plants and a Ceiba, one of the oldest, most leafy trees of the village, which provides a refreshing shadow to relax under.

The hosts are very nice people that will offer a high-quality service full of gratitude. They will help tourists organize their trips during their stay.

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